Australian man finds bit of rocket – then hands it in

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Who would hand in a bit of rocket? If I found a bit of rocket, it’d be up on the mantelpiece the same day. Regardless of health implications from cosmic radiation or half-melted fuel cells.

The man in questions is James Stirton. The rocket part in question is unknown, as James has been on the phone to NASA to try and find out exactly what it is he’s just…

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XCOR Lynx – Tech Digest's Space Plane of the Week

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We literally cannot get enough of the burgeoning “space plane” scene.

The idea of getting onto a plane and ending up IN SPACE is simply too exciting to comprehend. There’s the small matter of the £100k it’ll cost to get on board, but we’ll surely have saved that much by 2010 – when the XCOR Lynx here is supposed to be ready to go into service.

The plane itself is designed to take off from a regular runway…

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Sir Arthur C. Clarke, renowned Sci-Fi author and futurist, dies aged 90

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Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of almost 100 books including 2001: A Space Odyssey, passed away at his home in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday. He was 90.

“He had been taken to hospital in what we had hoped was one of the slings and arrows of being 90, but in this case it was his final visit,” Scott Chase, the secretary of the nonprofit Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, revealed in a statement on his official website

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EADS wants "production line" of space planes! Crack out the silver tracksuit – we will be in space soon

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EADS, or the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, has said it can see a day when space travel becomes as routine as paying £17.99 to go via RyanAir to Amsterdam for a three-day stag-do.

“It will develop towards a classical aeronautical business model. Someone will build the planes; somebody will operate them; somebody will sell the tickets; somebody will provide the accommodation – like any tourism,” said Robert Laine, the chief technical officer of the rocket builder. A division of EADS called Astrium, which currently makes the Ariane rocket, reckons it’ll be knocking about 10 “space planes” a year to sell to operators.

Here’s an entirely unrelated photograph of the space shuttle Endeavour in which you can clearly see an astronaut’s iPod through the window:


So hopefully, before we die, we’ll all get…

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British space exploration lives on! MoonLITE probe heading Moon-wards in 2012

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moonlite-moon-probe-british.jpgOnly about 35 years after the last American stood on the Moon, Britain is going back – with a decidedly non-thrilling unmanned probe.

Designed by mainly British scientists – with complicated navigational bits provided by NASA – the £100m MoonLITE probe will hopefully be on its way by 2012…

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Look for 'weird' extraterrestrial life on Titan, say scientists

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Don’t just focus on Earth-style life forms when looking for extraterrestrial beings, says the U.S. National Research Council, in a statement of the breathtakingly (be it oxygen or methane) obvious. “Advances throughout the last decade in biology and biochemistry show that the basic requirements for life might not be as concrete as we thought,” said committee chair John Baross, a professor of oceanography at the University of Washington, Seattle. “The search so far has focused on Earth-like life because that’s all we know, but life that may have originated elsewhere could be unrecognizable compared with life here.” Goodness! One might think scientists were creatures of closed and narrow focus, in need of reminder that not everything that looks like a fork should go in your mouth! Developing (over the next thousand years). [GT]

Probe Titan for ‘weird’ life, U.S. scientists recommend

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