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Samsung Electronics and London-based shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood have announced a range of exclusive accessories for Samsung's latest mobile devices, the GALAXY Gear and GALAXY Note 3, at London Fashion Week (LFW).

The accessories feature Nicholas Kirkwood's signature Chevron Pattern and are available in two colours: White and Black, and, wait for it, Black and White. These exclusive accessories will be available to buy around the world from various online and high street retail channels. They will be the first in a series of accessories to be launched by Samsung and Nicholas Kirkwood, featuring the same chevron design, with other GALAXY products to follow.

As well as a range of premium accessories, Nicholas Kirkwood, the Creative Director of London Fashion Week this year, has also designed the Samsung Galaxy VIP Lounge at Somerset House. This lounge incorporates a geometric graphic carpet, mirrored bars and diamond back lit optical displays, housing a number of brand new products from Samsung, including the GALAXY Gear and GALAXY Note 3, which visitors have a chance to play with before they even hit the shops. 

Samsung, which has teamed up with the British Fashion Council (BFC) for the second year running, is an Official Sponsor at London Fashion Week (LFW) from Friday 13th - Tuesday 17th September 2013. Samsung's premium mobile devices - including the GALAXY Note 8.0 and GALAXY S4 Zoom - have been integrated throughout the showcase, used by key London Fashion Week staff on-site and at the concierge desks, as well as being made available for use in the press lounges and information points.

Says Nicholas Kirkwood: "I am excited to partner with Samsung for the second time to create an exclusive accessory for the Samsung GALAXY Note 3. When designing the case, I looked to create something that reflected both the quality and creativity of Samsung whilst also mirroring the artwork seen in my creative for London Fashion Week."

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21 iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C cases and covers

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You've just shelled out a couple of hundred quid on an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C pre-order and the thought of your shiny new smartphone slipping through your buttery fingers sends a chill through your heart. But not to worry! Smartphone case retailers are already clamouring to get your new Apple wonder-phone kitted out, with Proporta already offering 21 iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C cases and covers.

"With any new Apple model, it's a race against the clock for accessories manufactures such as ourselves, and the timing of these new iPhone models will definitely see us wanting to have cases and screen protectors in stores as soon as possible," said Proporta's Lynnette Prigmore.

Click below to check out designs from the likes of Ted Baker and the V&A Museum.

logitech-protective-folio-top.jpgNot wanting to leave Samsung's Android tablet owners out in the cold, Logitech have today revealed a pair of new cases for the Galaxy Tab range, taking their cues from the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio and Folio Protective cases Logitech already offer up to iPad users.

So, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will get their own version of the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, pictured above, turning the tablet into a sort of laptop replacement by offering full-sized keyboard key positioning and an upright stand for the slate.
logitech-protective-folio-mid.jpgThe entire Galaxy Tab range will be supported by the Folio Protective case, a more straightforward case simply designed to protect the tablet from bumps and scrapes as well as propping it up for when watching a movie. It's water resistant too - handy if you plan on leaving the tablet poolside when on holiday.

Heading to stores in the beginning of October, you'll pay £89.99 for the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio case, and £39.99 for the Folio Protective case.

Belkin unveils iPhone 5 and iPod LEGO cases

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Will our obsession with LEGO ever end? Probably not, and to prove the point Belkin has announced the availability of the first officially licensed LEGO® Builder Case that is a certified LEGO® brick that you can use to create a case for your iPhone 5 or fifth gen iPod. Basically there is an integrated LEGO® baseplate, you and your imagination do the rest. The baseplate is made by LEGO and is integrated into the case in way that is durable and tough.

There's also a semi-flexible outer frame for shock-absorption, button protection, and unobstructed access to audio ports and speaker

"At LEGO® we strive to build imagination into everyday life and the partnership with Belkin allows us to do that: offering a functional product that also serves as a stage for expression for anyone embracing a mobile lifestyle," said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO® Group.

The kit starts at £24.99 for the iPhone 5 and £19.99 for the iPod.

proporta universal case.jpgIf you (as we expect most of you Tech Digest readers to be) are of the techy persuasion, it's likely that you've had a fair few smartphones over the past few years. And if your as prescious about your tech as we are, you've probably had a handful of cases to protect them with, each made obsolete with every subsequent handset upgrade as manufacturers vary and improve upon their phone designs. Looking after your pricey gadgets can get even pricier as you nab a load of protective accessories each time.

Which is why Proporta's new range of Frankie and Gecko cases are such a smart idea. Compatible with a wide range of phones and tablets, each features an adjustable set of straps and clasps, stuck snugly in place with velcro which can be moved to fit your device of choice.

Take the Frankie tablet case; made from fine leather, it can double as a stand if required. Aimed at any number of 10-inch tablets, it'll fit full-size iPads as well as the recently released Sony Xperia Z tablet, alongside 10inch tablets from Samsung and Google.

Likewise the Gecko option will be able to fit a wide range of smartphones including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, the HTC one, and likely even the forthcoming iPhone 5S unless Apple make some sort of twelve inch egg-shaped monstrosity.

The Frankie tablet case is £34.95 while the Gecko is £19.95 and both are available from Proporta.

Bennet-Jill-e-bag-01.jpgCall me shallow if you like, but as much as I get excited by the internal specs of Apple's MacBook Pro line, it's the stunning exterior design that really grabs my attention. It's a shame then that my Mac spends half the day travelling around in my battered old rucksack. If it had eyes it would weep tears of fashion faux-pas fury.

What it really deserves is a sharp-looking luxury bag like the Bennet from Jill-e Designs. Part of Jill-e's "Jack by Jill-e Designs" line, the Bennet is available in either brown or black leather, and has been designed specifically with 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops in mind (though any slim-line 15-inch laptop - or smaller - will fit inside). We've been trekking around town with one for the past week or so and, though it's pricey, think it may be pretty much the perfect messenger bag for the gadget-loving dandy.Bennet-Jill-e-bag-04.jpgMeasuring approximately 12" x 4" x 16" and weighing 1.59 kg, it's a beautifully finished bag, with exposed cream-coloured stich detailing complementing the brown version of the bag wonderfully, and chunky magnet-snapping chrome-finished clasps keeping the bag securely closed.

While there's just the single zipped-pocket on the outer front of the bag, inside there's a menagerie of storage slots, pockets and pouches. It's clearly aimed at the Apple fanboy, with form-fitting pockets for an iPhone and iPad included alongside an inner zip-pocket, a card-holding wallet, a spectacles slot and stationary hooks. Again, despite the Apple-focus, you'll be able to fit any number of smartphones or tablets into the designated pouches, alongside larger items in the wider open area in the centre of the bag. Bennet-Jill-e-bag-11.jpgInner padding is good - you'll have no issues with items bumping around within the bag, with the separate pouches allowing for loose sharp items like keys to sit harmoniously alongside delicate scratch-attracting tech.

Jill-e also throw in a soft drawstring dust-cover bag too, if you're looking to add another layer of protection in for your laptop. Handy if you're carrying the crumbs from last week's packed lunch around with you as well as your gizmos.Bennet-Jill-e-bag-09.jpgThe base of the bag however doesn't have quite enough padding for my liking. Though I don't thrown my bag around when it's full of gadgetry, I do tend to let it drop from my shoulder a little haphazardly, especially if it's heavily loaded and I'm looking to give my shoulder a break. Two subtly protruding "feet" on the bag's base should offer a little protection from drops, but you're still probably best off being careful with it. And though there's an adjustable padded leather shoulder support, for the money it'd have been good to see the whole strap finished in leather.

Still, it's a luxurious looking satchel, and one that's packed full of useful gadget-storing pockets.

Available from the Apple Store, you can pick up the Jill-e Designs Bennet bag for £269.95. Scroll down for more pictures.

wingo-kindle-case.jpgTablet and eReader cases are usually an aesthetic choice, or a purchase intended to extend the longevity of the product they protect. But what about a case that protects the user as well as the case?

That's the idea behind the Wingo Case from Ambulant, currently looking for $55,000 of backing from the Kickstarter crowd-funding community.

The Wingo Case features a unique ergonomic design that's intended to ease the pain endured by sufferers of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome when using eReader and tablet devices such as the Kindle or iPad.

Using "wings" either side of the device, and featuring contours for the user's fingers to rest comfortably within, the Wingo Case allows for a more natural reading position, reducing grip tension by allowing the device to rest on the wings between the thumb and fingers.

The current Kickstarter project (sitting at just over $17,000 of a $55,000 goal with 37 days left) is for a Kindle 4 case, but designers Ambulant have plans to produce the cases for many more devices should this initial run prove successful.

Check out the full Kickstarter video pitch below:

iphone4s-dual-sim-case-top.jpgTired of the hassle of having to lug around one phone for work and another for personal use? Then take a look at this clever new case from gadget makers thumbsUp!

Designed for use with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models, the Dual Sim Card case houses two SIM cards, which can be switched between at the push of a button. It's also a rugged case, offering protection against bumps and scrapes.

As well as avoiding having to answer work-releated calls in your off time, it's an ideal case for frequent travellers who may use different SIM cards depending on the country they're travelling to.

"After talking through the annoyances of having multiple phones for work and personal use, we realised how much easier it would be if you could swap between the two, using only your iPhone," said Wojtek Kolan, Head of Business Development at thumbsUp!

"It's an ideal tool for those who hate to feel cut off, and a perfect example of using technology to make life simpler and cheaper!"

Working with both with both micro and normal sized SIM cards, the Dual SIM Card Case will be available from September for £29.99.

ted-baker-kindle-4.pngProporta are once again looking to pimp out your tech gear with a snazzy range of cases and covers. It's the Kindle 4 getting the make-over treatment this time, with four different styles in a variety of colours being offered.

First up is the £19.95 Leather Style Book design, giving "the appearance of a traditional leather book" while defending it from the elements and scrapes.

Next up is the Leather Style Folio Case (Fireworks design), again for £19.95. It matches a soft, high-quality leather with a durable framing that will protect your e-Reader from any mis-haps.

If it's a bug's life for you, check out the £19.95 Leather Style Folio Case (Butterflies design), similar to the Fireworks version, but with the pretty little flappers sitting over an orange background.

Last but not least is the Ted Baker offering, seeing Proporta once again teaming up with the revered designer. It comes in black, white and pink, and adds a little luxury to your reading sessions.

"The new set of protective Kindle covers from Proporta, including the new Ted Baker range, provides exceptionally tough yet chic casing for the Kindle 4, ensuring you can be confident that anyone judging your e-book by its cover will be more than impressed with what they see," reads the Proporta release.

Click here to visit the Proporta page.

back-to-school-iphone-case.jpgMy pal Frankie was the envy of our classmates back at school; he had a Casio calculator watch that the teachers seemed completely oblivious to in maths exams. iPods, smartphones and the like have made exam cheating methods like that seem primitive, but there's still room for a mix of old-school and high-tech answer-sneaking methods in the test room today.

One of our favourite cheating tools is the new "Back to School" case range from Proporta for the iPhone 4. Durable hard-shells with camera and button cut-outs, they're available with a full map of the Periodic Table for science nuts, a grid of times tables answers and a fun doodle version too, with a non-dusty chalkboard version in the works too.

£14.95 a throw from Proporta, that's money well spent when your perfect GCSE scores land you a job in astrophysics. Just don't tell the head that we helped out, or we'll rush you behind the bike sheds.

Logitech have entered the busy tablet accessory market, launching a trio of new products today compatible with iOS and Android slate devices.

Keyboards, wireless speakers and typist's cases all feature.

"People love their tablets -- the category is growing quickly and is here to stay," said Azmat Ali, Logitech senior director for tablet products.

"We've created a great line-up of products for tablet users, and it's just the beginning. Over the coming months you can expect to see additional products for iPad and Android tablets that are designed to help people create, consume and communicate."

Click below for a closer look at each new Logitech product.


I'm an avid reader and since getting my Kindle 3G, Amazon's ereader literally goes everywhere with me. I take it to work for the commute, read it on the toilet, I even sleep with it by my pillow, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend.

But one area of my life the Kindle has yet to penetrate so far is bathtime. I couldn't risk my most prized gadget getting ruined by suds and soap, no matter how much I needed find out what was in 1984's Room 101.

Until now that is.

Thanks to Proporta's waterproof BeachBouy case, I can now soak and read at the same time. Designed with the Kindle second and third generation models in mind, it'll keep any device that fits within its 19.2 x 12.2 x 1.3cm (H x W x D) pouch dry.

Conforming to the British Standards Institute IP57 and IP58 levels, it's waterproof up to a depth of 5 metres, with its transparent covering allowing for full operation of your ereader.

Click here to grab one direct from Proporta, priced £14.95.

Quick out of the blocks after the flood of new tablet and handset releases at last week's Mobile World Congress conference are Proporta, who already have a range of new cases waiting in the wings for many of the new phones and tablets.

"We had a wonderful time at MWC and were so excited by all the amazing handsets we saw demoed", said Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Products at Proporta.

"It certainly got us thinking and as soon as we got back we started to work our magic on potential ideas for protection. After all, these great handsets wouldn't be much good with cracked screens and scratches! We hope our customers like our ideas and we would love to hear if there are any of our ranges they would like to see extended to these devices too."

These renders show planned covers for the LG Optimus 3D, HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-incher among others, which should all be winging their way to the Proporta store in the near future.

Click below to check out the new designs.

ben-allen-thumb.pngBrighton-based artist Ben Allen has teamed up with the iPhone case pros over at Proporta to launch snazzy new range of Jesus Phone coverings. Allen (whose work has been bought by celebrities including Richard Branson, Stephen Dorff and Jade Jagger) will initially launch two iPhone 4 cases, Skull and Zebra, before expanding the range later in the year.

Drawing influence from as wide-ranging sources as comic book covers to Mexico's "Day of the Dead", Allen's colourful designs look set to give the iPhone's sleek lines an edgy makeover.

"This is a great project and I am excited not only to be working with Proporta, but also to see the reaction to my designs and how they translate onto these products," Allen commented.

Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Products for Proporta, was equally enthusiastic; "We're really pleased to introduce Ben Allen as part of the new 'Proporta Collaborates' collection. Not only is Ben a fellow Brighton local, but his paintings have also been exhibited in galleries and venues worldwide. We anticipate that this new collection will be very well received. Our customers are becoming much more design focused and want to accessorise, as well as protect, their mobile gadgets."

You can grab the cases direct from Proporta by clicking here, priced £24.99.

Cases, as useful as they undeniably may be at protecting your cherished gadgets, are pretty boring usually. In fact, most of the time they are down-right f'ugly. It's fitting then, that our favourite iPad case to pop up in a long time takes its inspiration from the same place budding designers and artists first got the bug for drawing and creating their own cool designs.

We're talking about the Etch-A-Sketch, which has now been turned into a retro-cool iPad case. It doesn't do much other than look pretty and protect your tablet, leaving gaps for headphones and chargers etc and having a small kickstand on the rear, but we're smitten. It's a shame someone didn't make an official Etch-A-Sketch iPad app to launch alongside it.

Having said all that, I was pretty rubbish at Etch-A-Sketch. Was it just me, or did you have to have a degree in Maths to make anything other than a square? My pictures always used to come out like a cubist's nightmare.

Still, it looks darn cool. Just don't try to shake the iPad screen clean. Probably wont do its insides much good.

£29.99 from IWOOT.

Top 5 Camera Bags

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Whether you are a professional photographer or just like to take the odd snapshot, it is important to have a good camera bag to lug your gear around in and to keep it protected. So to help you find the right bag for you, we have pulled together a list of our top 5 camera bags.

Your iPhone 4 getting a bit dusty while you wait for Apple to fix the signalling problems? Well if there's one thing at least it can handle for the moment, it'll be getting dressed up all snazzy like with these new "Chic" cases from Proporta.

Available in three different styles (nautical stripes, floral or zebra print), the patent leather cases have a mirror on the inside to fix your make-up, or take out that juicy spot that's just being dying for a poke since it invaded your personal face-space.

Interested? Head over to the Proporta website to check them out.

Check the gallery below to view the Chic cases

proporta iphone 4 case.JPGThe iPhone 4 has been plagued with signal and reception issues since going on sale late last week. With no sure fire fix in sight (unless you're prepared to hold the phone in a ridiculous fashion or hold out for some sort of potential firmware solution) you might be dropping important calls left, right and centre.

Or, you could try this new case from Proporta....

Their Antimicrobial Silicone case manages to clear up the signalling issue, whilst also protecting the shatter-prone screen from bumps and scratches. The germ-killing coating also means that your iPhone is a hygienic little blower, so it may well eliminate scratchy conversations due to sore throats too.

Now Proporta don't go into detail as to how the reception fix works, but apparently it gives a much needed boost to the phone's signalling problems. Perhaps the antimicrobial coating improves the phone's immune system? I know I'm not up to much if I get all germed up.

What? You got a better reason?

Click here to give it a look.

Griffin iPhone 4 cases.JPGWe all want to keep our freshly bought gadgets in tip-top condition, but when the CEO of Apple starts saying you should buy a case for your iPhone 4 to help with signalling issues, you start to wonder if there's some massive accessory conspiracy ticking under the radar.

Still, at least Griffin's cases are always tasteful, and this latest range of iPhone 4 gear is no exception.

Girffin's Elan Passport Wallet is a bit of a jack of all trades. Featuring a microsuede lining to protect the smartphone from bumps and scrapes, it's folio style hinge reveals a handful of compartments for holding your credit and business cards. The Elan Passport Wallet costs £29.99 and is available in black from O2 or platinum from Phones 4 You.

If you're after something a little simpler, try out their Reveal cover. It's a polycarbonate shell that clasps onto the phone to help it avoid scuffs and scratches. It also features a this rubber lining that should give the iPhone 4 some much needed shock-absorption should you drop it from a reasonable height. The Reveal costs £19.99 and is available from the Carphone Warehouse.

Review - Infinit Solar Charger Bag



Name: Infinit Solar Charger Bag

Type: Backback with solar-powered gadget charging technology

Price: £89.99 (Infinit)

As the Summer sun slowly begins to peek through the ever-present layer of British cloud-cover, you're probably looking to head on out, tastelessly displaying your milk bottle legs in a pair of shorts, beer in hand, ready to catch some rays. You'll probably want to bring an MP3 player with you for a few tunes and your mobile to call your mates on too. But what if a technophile's worst nightmare comes true and you suddenly find yourself without any battery power for your many gadgets? Enter the Infinit Solar Charger Bag to save the day.

The bag features a 2.4w photovoltaic solar panel on its outside to harvest the sun's rays ,which it then stores in a high capacity 2000mAH Li-ion battery, safely stored away in a pouch inside. Detach the battery from the solar panel and you're then free to use its stored energy to power hundreds and hundreds of devices using the myriad included connections. These include anything from a Nintendo DS to an iPhone or TomTom GPS device (click here to view the full list of compatible devices). You can even plug the battery into both the solar panel and the gadget to be charged at the same time, giving you continuous power providing you stay in quite strong sunlight. The battery can also be pre-charged from a mains supply if you want ready portable energy before you leave the house.


It's a great, green way to stay charged while on the go, and requires very little fuss to attach the many compatible devices it's capable of powering. The battery itself has a great capacity, offering roughly enough power to charge an iPhone twice-over when it has maximum solar power stored. Charging the battery is not always a smooth process though; the length of time it takes to fully power up the battery is very dependant on the amount of sunlight you expose the solar panel to. On a day of bright weather it hit maximum capacity within a reasonable 8 hours, but on a dark, wet, overcast day it was closer to 11 or 12 hours, give or take. It's also worth noting that the Infinit Solar Charger Bags currently don't support charging abilities for laptops or netbooks, though Infinit have suggested this will be on the way in later designs.

As a rucksack, the Inifinit Solar Charger Bag can't be knocked. It's a little weighty at 1.4kg, thanks to the built-in solar panel, but it seems more spacious than its 25 litre capacity would suggest. There are copious amounts of pockets and pouches, including an elasticated spot for laptops up to 15 inches in size. Straps are heavily padded and adjustable, and there's a clever mesh air-flow system for keeping your back cool while the bag is being carried. All in, it's a well built bag that should easily see you through some rugged usage.

Inifint Solar powered bag.jpg

How useful you'll find the Infinit Solar Charger Bag is, quite obviously, down to how much time you spend in the sun. It's a great rucksack by conventional standards, with plenty of space and useful pockets, and it is very comfortable on the back, even during prolonged, intensive journeys. But if you live in a dreary corner of the world weather-wise, you may feel that the extra premium you pay for the solar tech wont be worth it. On the other hand, if you're an outdoors type who is always out hiking, is looking to do a bit of globe-trotting or are even planning on attending a couple of music festivals this year then it really comes into its own, providing on-the-go power from Mother Nature herself.


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