"Back To School" Proporta iPhone cases are an exam cheat's new best friend

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back-to-school-iphone-case.jpgMy pal Frankie was the envy of our classmates back at school; he had a Casio calculator watch that the teachers seemed completely oblivious to in maths exams. iPods, smartphones and the like have made exam cheating methods like that seem primitive, but there’s still room for a mix of old-school and high-tech answer-sneaking methods in the test room today.

One of our favourite cheating tools is the new “Back to School” case range from Proporta for the iPhone 4. Durable hard-shells with camera and button cut-outs, they’re available with a full map of the Periodic Table for science nuts, a grid of times tables answers and a fun doodle version too, with a non-dusty chalkboard version in the works too.

£14.95 a throw from Proporta, that’s money well spent when your perfect GCSE scores land you a job in astrophysics. Just don’t tell the head that we helped out, or we’ll rush you behind the bike sheds.

Gerald Lynch
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