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Xbox One currently winning pre-order sales race over PS4 at Amazon

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ps4-vs-xbox-one.jpgWith the full picture of what to expect from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next generation gaming consoles finally becoming clear, gamers are finally starting to pick their horses for this year's big gaming race.

And despite the reams of negative press it's picked up so far, the Xbox One seems the more popular of the two next-gen consoles, just edging ahead of Sony's machine with 2.4% more pre-order sales through leading online retailer

"It's not clear yet which of the two will have the edge when they launch later this year," said Xavier Garambois, VP of Retail at Amazon EU.

"What's certain, though, is that fans are already excited about how the next generation of consoles will change the world of gaming and home entertainment."

Ketu Patel, Head of Video Games at Ltd added: "Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are set to have a huge impact, not just in terms of cutting edge games but also as part of the way in which families enjoy home entertainment. It will be fascinating to see how the battle between the two console giants develops over the coming months - the fight for who's going to be the must-have Christmas present is only just beginning. "

Of course, with the annual E3 gaming conference behemoth set to see the two consoles go toe-to-toe this week, revealing the last major details of both consoles (Christ, we don't even know what the PS4 looks like!) as well as the last remaining launch titles, all this could change. With plenty of time before the two consoles' expected Christmas 2013 release date, expect this sales race to be a photo-finish.

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  • HateLies

    lol wow, lying article is lying. How much did Microsoft pay for this?


    IDIOTS, the xbox has ONLY ONE launch eddition, the PS$ has four, two bundled, one "standard" and one " Launch" they are all in the top ten, so they are ALL being order combine all those orders, and they outstrip XBOX bay a factor of atleast 2 to 1, also the ps4 controller is four places higher than the xbox controller (loose extra controller) which also says alot about the numbers...

  • austin

    Microsoft has made a U turn and changed the used games policy! You can now give people your games just like you can with the xbox 360.

  • Jonathan Collins

    IF Xbox and EA...their partner win this console war then the next war is gonna be screwed. Hooray EA and MS monopolizing all the developers and taking the freedoms gamers love away from them. Good bye innovation because guess won't be able to publish a game without EA's permission as is what the xbox one is leaning torwards. And don't forget not being able to play any games in your library once Xbox one servers come down. I can still play NES games. In 10-15 years all the money you spent will be gone. No more nostalgia for you.

  • ramonzarat

    Now June 16 and PS4 sell 3 consoles for every 2 XB1.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Micro$oft bought a substantial number of those pre order themselves considering the billions at stake and the catastrophic mess they have generated so far. It's the oldest trick in the book, but it won't last. Micro$oft can't possibly buy every pre order for ever. As a mater of fact, only a few days later and it's now a complete reversal.

    There's tons of videos on Youtube making fun of the Xboxe one. Youtube and forums comments are practically unanimous with their profound hate: The Xbox one is the worse thing that ever happened to the gaming industry. There's even websites and Facebook pages that now pop left and right to support the boycott of Xbox one with petitions!

    The PR nightmare of confusing messages, countless retractions and contradictions, aborted press conferences and round table at E3, all failed to hide the clear attempt of Micro$oft to go with a 100% digital distribution system (the physical discs are meaningless with the XB1) involving an endless list of severe restrictions, draconian DRM and what's now clearly a direct attack on consumer rights to -buy, own and dispose at will-.

    Micro$oft would have planed the ultimate apocalyptic scenario on purpose, they couldn't possibly have come up with something better than what they are actually doing in real life. I've seen a lot of stuff in the gaming world in the last 25 years, but nothing even close to this "crash and burn" Micro$oft is going through. Maybe that will teach them a little humility lesson...

    When the dust settle in Q1-Q2 2014, the only thing left on the console battlefield field will be PS4 and WiiU. There is no way Micro$oft can dig themselves out of this amazingly huge and deep shit hole. It can only be downhill from here as the word spread out.

    PS: "No fanboy" certification: The day M$ announce Xbox one terms of use are 100% identical to those of the 360 (or PS4 for that mater) + make Kinect optional + reduce the price of standalone XB1 (without Kinect) below PS4 price because PS4 is much more powerfully with 50% more TF (FACT: PS4 = 1.84TF XB1 = 1.23TF = comparing a Radeon 7850 to a 7770 = HUGE difference. Source: ) = the day I'm buying an Xbox one with a smile on my face. I swear to god; give me a $349.00 Xbox one without any restrictions and I ***WILL*** buy it.

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