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Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 live stream launch right here!

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It's nearly here: in just a few hours time we'll have had our first (official!) look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, the year's most hotly-anticipated Android smartphone.

And you can watch the entire event, live from New York right here!

The event kicks off at at 7PM EDT local New York time, and that's 11PM GMT for UK readers. Just hit the YouTube clip above at those times to see what Samsung's offering direct from the horses mouth.

Thanks to a series of leaks however, we've already got a fairly good idea of what to expect: we'll be surprised if the S4 isn't packing in a 5-inch 1080p screen, 13MP camera and octo-core processor, as suggested by numerous rumours.

We'll know for certain soon enough though! Check back to Tech Digest tonight for extensive coverage of the launch!

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