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The Top 20 Most Depressing Video Games of All Time

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depressing-games-banner.jpg Video games. We play them because they are fun. But are they always happy? No. Not by a long, long shot. Here Tech Digest run-down the top 20 most depressing video games of all time, depressing not because they were bad (the games on this list are almost uniformly excellent) but because they have a dark heart, examining some of the more shadowy or painful sides of the human condition.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and

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  • ~Angel~

    Gone home

  • Zalkar

    Dishonored. Not just Corvo's fall and the murder of the queen, but the whole idea of the Rat Plague nearly destroying a whole civilization, then throw in some dark Outsider indifference to other's suffering, the prevalent corruption and greed in the game, and the general disorder falling on the world paints a pretty bleak atmosphere.

  • Aaron McNair

    Stalker: Shadow Of Chernobyl should of been number 1.

  • Pablo Sanchez



    What about "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."(SoC being my favorite), or "Metro 2033/Last Light", or "Don't Starve".... Or even "Papers Please".... Those games have generally the same feeling of helplessness, AND I LOVE IT... If anyone knows more games like those I listed, please reply....

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