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BlackBerry 10 UI revealed in leaked screengrabs

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blackberry-10-ui-top.jpgWe've finally got a date for grand unveiling of RIM's BlackBerry 10 operating system and the L-Series handsets it'll land on, with RIM lifting the covers off on 30 January 2013 in New York.

However, Vietnamese tech bloggers at Tinhte have pipped RIM to the post, revealing leaked screengrabs of the new BB10 OS in action.blackberry-10-ui-mid.jpgThough aping the app-grid interface seen in Android and iOS smartphones, the screenshots suggest RIM have done well to get key applications and services ready in app form in time for the OS's launch, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare. Native apps for "Pictures", "Music", "Videos" and a "Story Maker" (presumably a video editing app) show RIM's new found focus on consumer interests as opposed to business types.

One screenshot even shows off a Siri-like voice activated assistant, sending BBM messages and scheduling meetings through voice input alone.

Looking good so far, with a minimalist, predominately black and white design mixing in with the now-standardised smartphone interface features as popularised by iPhone and Android.

Scroll down for a closer look at some more elements of the UI:

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  • fteoOpty64

    Well, we have a competitor worth having!. Let the fight begin. At least RIM launch 2 models with different usage modes compared to Nokia's single handset launch and a flat boring single colour UI in WP8. OS10 looks like a polished UI and for what they claimed compelling multitasking without taking a penalty on battery life. Hope they have success in this launch and clawing back their customer base after such a long struggle. It is good to see a successful launch that will spark action with all the competitors.
    RIM certainly needs to churn out a large range of mid-range phones to swing the marketbase to their side. There is much fragmentation in the mid-range such that, niches open up for BB devices of these sorts. Yeah, the keypad version would do well in many markets. Good Luck RIM, You will need it!!!.

  • CultofMac

    First thing I thought when i saw this was "... Is that IOS?"

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