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Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview and Lumia 820 leaked images hit Twitter

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Nokia_Lumia_920_leak-900-75.jpgThe wind has been knocked out of the sails of Nokia's forthcoming Windows 8 announcement next week, as a pair of devices alleged to be the centrepiece of Nokia's show have leaked early online via Twitter.

Posted on the @evleaks feed (the new go-to place for tech leaks it would seem recently) the Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 seem to be Nokia's first foray into Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Of the two, the Nokia Lumia 920 (pictured above) looks the most interesting, packing in Nokia's impressive PureView camera tech (which could potentially boast a 41MP sensor) and a 4.5-inch screen. It looks to be the final version of what was touted originally as the Nokia Lumia Phi by Nokia fanatic Eldar Murtazin, despite being smaller than the 4.7-inch device he predicted. Grey, yellow and red shades look to be coming for the Lumia 920.
Next up, the Lumia 820, which seems to be a lower-end device. Still sporting Windows 8, it doesn't appear to have PureView camera tech, and sports a slightly smaller screen at 4.3-inches. It makes up for it with a wide range of colours; purple, cyan, grey, black, white, yellow and red.

All sounding pretty solid so far. With the event merely days away, we'll soon know just how accurate these leaks are.

Via: EVLeaks

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