World Cup gadget round-up from IWOOT and Home Draught

With Capello’s final 23-man England squad now having been picked, the nation is well and truly gripped by World Cup fever. You may now have the perfect TV to watch the 2010 South Africa tournament on, but what about all the accompanying gadgets and gizmos to truly make this World Cup a memorable one, wherever the England team end up placing?

Here’s a run-down of the best World Cup gear on offer from IWOOT and the Home Draught team. Note a high number of alcohol-related items on offer here. Remember kids; drink responsibly and all that other boring stuff. Don’t wont you to end up in a cell on a drunk and disorderly charge as England lift the cup now, do we?

Check the gallery below for links to all the IWOOT and Home Draught gear.

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By Gerald Lynch | June 3rd, 2010

Gerald LynchWorld Cup gadget round-up from IWOOT and Home Draught

    WOW! That giant inflatable football is awesome. That’s my favorite.