BREAKING: Zunes worldwide hit by mystery crash

Duncan Geere Digital Music, MP3 players 16 Comments

broken-zune.jpgThis morning, I woke up and turned on my beloved Zune MP3 player. It got to the end of the loading bar, then just stopped. After the regular “hold back and up to reset” trick didn’t work, I did what any self-respecting citizen of the modern age would do, and turned to Google. Turns out there’s a lot of people with the same problem.

Across the internet, there’s a variety of threads on forums complaining that Zunes have frozen in exactly the same place, at exactly midnight PST. Given that we’re so close to the New Year, it’s likely to be a bug in the code, but I’m sure it won’t stop thousands of Mac fanboys across the land cooking up conspiracy theories along the lines of “Microsoft never expected to last this long in the market”. More info, and a fix, as we get it.

UPDATE: Gizmodo has noticed too. Comments exactly as I predicted.

Zune is frozen (via Google)

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By Duncan Geere | December 31st, 2008

  • ecobore

    beloved – Zune!!!! Is it even possible to use those two words together!

    • Duncan Geere

      Hell yes. It’s my baby. I love it more than I love life itself (though perhaps not as much as I love my N95).

  • Matt Simmons


  • Karan
  • Mike Nelson

    This is the leap year bug similar to the y2k fiasco, Microsoft forgot leap years have 366 days

    It should reset properly on 1st January and be ok until 2012 unless an update is released

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