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CES 2008: iriver Clix+ portable media player with OLED screen

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OLED technology is catching on fast if this year's show is anything to go by. The player in my hand is the iriver Clix+ which is due to be landing this side of the pond fairly soon. It's coming in pink and black. To be honest, unlike some of the other OLED screens around the show, it wasn't quite so overbearingly colour saturated as you might expect.

The player itself though is nothing to be sniffed at. It's an MP3/MPEG4 player that not only looks great (hey, it's manly to like pink things) and the direction keys are all neatly hidden inside the chassis giving it a really sastifying button action. The up and down keys are a little more fiddly as you invariably end up sticking your thumb right on the middle of the screen. However, whatever the screen is coated in doesn't seem to pick up thumbprints at all, so you don't need to worry about obscuring your few with greasy marks.


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  • Ralph

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