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Microsoft unveils brown Halo-themed Zune - but only for the military

Apparently, the Microsoft Zune is very popular amongst the US military - reason enough for Microsoft to create a brown Halo-themed Zune, also known as the Halo 3 Military Edition, especially for the soldiers.

So, what do you get? Waterproofing? Bulletproofing? Well, no. You get a collectable Halo 3 box, along with pre-loaded artwork, trailers, and music from all three Halo games. So I'm guessing it's for use off-duty. Microsoft is offering the Zune Halo 3 Military Edition to military personnel and their families at discounted rates through military retailers from the beginning in early August.

So if you're after one, I suggest you check eBay from late August.

Microsoft Zune website

Via Daily Tech

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