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I-Fighting's FT4021 PMP looks just like the iPhone


If LG's Chocolate mobile spawned a wave of imitators in the Far East, I shudder to think how many gadgets are going to nick iPhone's styling in the coming months. Early out of the blocks is Chinese firm I-Fighting's FT4021 personal media player.

It's got a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and plays MP4 video, as wlel as MP3, WMA and WAV audio files. Plus you get an FM radio tuner, miniSD card slot, an external speaker and preloaded games.

Imagine using it in public, and people thinking you've got an iPhone, but then realising that it's actually an imported Chinese gadget made by a company called I-Fighting. You'd look well weapon. I think.

I-Fighting FT4021 product page (via I4U News)

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