With six months to go, one in ten Glaswegians haven't heard of digital switchover

Andy Merrett TVs 1 Comment

digital.jpgSurprising as it may be with the amount of press and TV coverage, one in ten Glaswegians haven’t heard about the digital TV switchover, two-thirds said they weren’t prepared for it, and 6% said they were refusing to get rid of their analogue telly.

That’s according to new research from Virgin Media, who surveyed over 1000 people in the area.

Even amongst the group you’d expect most likely to be up to speed on new technology, the 16 to 24-year-olds, half of them didn’t know about high definition TV, TV on demand, and personal video recorders.

Of course, that isn’t quite so concerning, but with only six months to go until the analogue switchoff begins, and with Scottish TV moving to digital in 2010, the other results might be a little worrying for the Government.

What we don’t know from this survey is how many of that 10% who are unaware of the change already have Freeview. It’s not impossible.

It’s not also a problem if people don’t get rid of their analogue TV, so long as they can receive a Freeview signal.

I’m sure this statistic isn’t unique to Glasgow, either. Seems like there’s still a bit to do in educating people on British telly’s brave new world.

By Andy Merrett | April 16th, 2007

  • http://www.headphonenews.com/ IanS

    I wouldn’t worry about it, judging by the houses around here 9 out of 10 Weegies already have Sky anyway.