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Nokia responds to Apple iPhone - 'it is a surprise that the iPhone is not 3G'

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P1010676.JPGSo, the Apple iPhone has finally been announced (read all about it here if you're still in the dark). So what does this mean for existing mobile phone makers? I just interviewed Nokia's vice president of Nseries Computers Pekka Pohjakallio at CES, and here's what he had to say, having spent the morning receiving text messages from Nokia's spies watching Steve Jobs' speech.

"I think it confirms our story," he says. "We have been preaching the message of converged multimedia in one device, with lots of use cases and a good experience for the whole life of Nseries. And now Apple have come and said basically the same thing, even if they have implemented some things differently.

"It just confirms our message, and it's good to have others preaching the same message. The best company will win in the end, so I think it's good news for us. It's not a threat, although of course it's hard competition, but that usually makes you perform better yourself."

However, Pohjakallio did point out one possible snag for Apple's iPhone, even if it is well stocked for multimedia features.

"They had music, internet, an email deal with Yahoo and a deal with Google, but it is a 2G device, not 3G, which was a surprise to me," he says. "And it's coming first to the US market with Cingular, so let's see. But overall, it's very exciting for us."

Of course, Pohjakallio didn't just talk about the competition. Check the rest of the interview for his views on Nokia's flagship multimedia handsets, and the challenges of making a phone that's equally good at TV, music, gaming, Internet access and washing the dishes. Well, not that last one. Not yet.

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  • andersonoscar5

    the iPhone looks amazing, and it probably feels amazing in the palm of your hand, too. It's sleek, curvy, shiny, and sexy,with on-screen icons and buttons that just ooze and drip class.

  • mat

    Nokia is just as capiable of making something better

  • I think it was a excellent move for apple to come out with the apple iPhone. The iPhone has most features consumers have been waiting to have. I also think the price will not deter people from buying the Apple iPhone. I even think they will sell more then the 10 million Apple iPhones they expect to sell within the next year.

  • Levi

    Remember that we're talking about a product that is estimated to be launched in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2007. As I understood Steve Jobs, he wasn't saying "Hey mr Nokia, we're launching this phone in Europe in time for the holiday season and we're not going to improve it by then. Hope that's enough time for you to come up with something better" I'd guess that they have learned something from back then when they let Microsoft copy their technology. Always keep a card in the sleeve

  • davo

    Just got the samsung blackjack with 3g. And San diego has 3g rolled out. Al i can say is 760k down and i will never go back to EDGE. This phone does all and more with orb installed for a third of the price of the apple phone

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