BT Glide – the UK's first Bluetooth home phone

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Btglide BT has unveiled the BT Glide – the UK’s first Bluetooth home phone, allowing you access to all your latest contacts on your phone as you enter your home.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Glide allows your landline handset to communicate with your mobile phone, headset, PDA, laptop or camera, so you can roam around your house and garden without having to carry additional handsets. You can also transfer contact details and updates quickly, so as soon as you enter your house, data from your mobile is synched onto the BT Glide – you might never lose a number again!

In addition, the BT Glide allows you to send and receive text messages using T9 predictive text It also features full graphics colour display, illuminated display, 200 name & number directory (3 entries per name), including mobile SIM copy to directory, caller ID, 300 metre outdoor range and an answering machine. In addition, there’s 5 games, 8 polyphonic ringtones, 15 handset ringer melodies, 5 wallpapers and rather strangely, "mood lighting", which can apparently adapt to any setting.

The BT Glide is available for £199.99

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By Dave Walker | May 25th, 2006