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Ever wondered where your dog has got to? Well you won’t have to for much longer. According to Mobile Marketing, Finnish GPS company Tracker has just what you need in the form of My Way, a 3-in-1 GPS navigation system for your mobile.

The system consists of a Bluetooth GSP receiver which displays road, topgraphical (hills etc.) and nautical maps on your handset, providing you have a Symbian Series 60 (mainly Nokia) phone, though it will also work on some Sony Ericssons and Motorolas. Road maps for the country you buy it in are supplied on a memory card. The topographical and nautical maps are downloaded from a dedicated web or Wap site as and when you need them.

But where things get really cool is when you buy a second GPS receiver that attaches to a dog collar to enable you to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your pooch, or even the local Vicar come to that. There’s also another version that attaches to a belt for child monitoring, and a magnetic one that fixes on to the underside of your car. And if a mate has the same system, you can use it to play find-a-friend. Handy if it’s their round and they have misteriously disappeared.

My Way is expeted to go on sale in the UK in the next four weeks, priced at around £240. Get the full story here.

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