Nokia presents…the 5530XpressMusic

Nokia has announced the latest phone in its XpressMusic range – the 5530. It looks like an upgraded version of the 5800. Drat and double drat – I only just bought myself a 5800.

Where the 5800 has got a very plasticy feel to it, the 5530 has a stainless steel finish and comes in five different colours. Basically, it looks a lot more compact and, sigh, better than the 5800.

The screen is a tiny bit smaller, but not by much. Down from 3.2-inch to 2.9 inch, it still manages to keep its impressive 640×360 resolution.

Many of the 5800’s popular features have been included and, in some cases, enhanced. The contacts bar is now capable of scrolling and can handle up to 20 contacts and the home-screen can also now handle hot links, such as Facebook and MySpace.

It is, as you could probably have guessed by the name, a music-based phone and Nokia are promising 27 hours of music playback. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your personal buds of choice.

There’s a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash – so no change there. The phone should ship with a 4GB MicroSD card. Connectivity is the same as the 5800 – 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM.

The 5530XpressMusic should be available in the Autumn and Nokia’s suggested price is €199.

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Small queue forms for the Tube (the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, that is)


Despite being slap-bang in the middle of the target market for the Nokia 5800, there’s something about it that just doesn’t hit the spot for me. It might be the sluggish performance, it might be the the lack of keyboard, it might be the lack of internal storage. It just seems defiantly last-generation with a touchscreen slapped on, which is why I’m holding out for the N97.

Some people aren’t though, because the launch of the Nokia 5800 was this morning in Regent Street and Heathrow terminal five. It wasn’t iPhone-worthy, but a respectable hundred people or so showed up at the Regent Street branch.

If you didn’t fancy queuing in the rain, but you still want one, then you can get it from Simply Electronics for £350 or so, unlocked. Alternatively, Phones4U are offering it free on an £35 a month, 18-month-long, contract with Orange, or there’s a £20 a month, 18-month, contract with Vodafone.

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming very soon, in time for Christmas perhaps?


After a long time waiting, Nokia has finally announced that its Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (“Tube”) touchscreen mobile phone will be available across a number of markets “soon”.

Unfortunately, details are sketchy, and the UK isn’t specifically mentioned in the markets initially listed — that’ll be Russia, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Finland but hopefully that’s not an exhaustive list.

Coming to the UK? Probably. Before Christmas? Maybe. Price and network? Nothing obvious yet…

Nokia "Comes With Music" coming to the UK first via Carphone Warehouse


Nokia has announced that its “Comes With Music” service, which it has been signing up music companies for several months now, will go live in the UK… sometime in October.

Yes, this “groundbreaking music service” is still keeping the nitty-gritty details about itself hidden. What we do know is that The Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive pre-pay retailer for the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic “Comes With Music” edition, and begins taking pre-orders for it today. Presumably, though not confirmed, consumers will be able to use other Nokia multimedia handsets as well — you know, ones that are less than a year old…

Nokia 5800 "Tube" gets an airing on German mobile phone shop poster, possibly


While excitement for Nokia’s forthcoming 5800 “Tube” may not quite match that other phone, it’s pretty intense nonetheless, so it’s not surprising that news of a sighting on a German promotional poster is one of the Internet’s current hot topics (click image for larger version).

Now, it could be a reasonable Photoshop job – wouldn’t be difficult – or it could genuinely be Nokia’s much anticipated touchscreen phone, complete with XPressMusic (which could be a typo for XPressMedia, or signify a variant model) that some naughty German mobile phone store employee has sneaked out early…