Two MSI X-Slim laptops announced


These little Apple-aping beauties are the X340 and X600, from MSI. They’re part of the X-Slim range, which also includes the X320, which we spotted at CES.

The smaller X340 has a 13.4″ screen, with the X600 going up to a more standard 15.6″. They both offer HDMI-out as well as VGA and pack Centrino 2 processors. The X340 is suggested to cost somewhere between $699 and $999, which is a bit like saying London is between Spain and Scotland.

No release date, or UK prices yet. Shame, because these do look rather nice, even if they’re a tad on the derivative side.

(via Engadget)

E-Ten launches three new Glofiish smartphones, the X600, X800 and M800

Smartphone manufacturer, E-Ten, yesterday launched three new models on the market, aimed at stealing back some of the ground gained by HTC over the last few months.

Running on Windows Mobile 6, the three handsets – Glofiish X600, X800 and M800 are available from eXpansys, and differ slightly in terms of functionality.

The Glofiish X600 allows for GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to use the GPS technology. Running on…