NOISE GATE: Wi-Fi enabled MP3 Players


From today, I’ll be contributing a new weekly column to the site every Tuesday afternoon about digital music. We’re calling it Noise Gate – which refers to an electronic device that cuts through the noise and crackle of an analog signal and delivers you a noise-free result. In the same way, I want to cut through all the crap surrounding digital music, mainly delivered by major labels and tech companies, and deliver you the pure, unadulterated facts. Think you can handle them?

Creative launch Xmod Wireless Music System

creative_xmod_wireless_audio_system.jpgCreative has announced the availability of its Xmod Wireless music system that connects directly to a PC via USB and streams music wirelessly around the home using its Xtreme Fidelity quality-enhancing technology.

The Xmod Wireless connects to a PC and speaker system without the need to install drivers. The included X-Fi Wireless Receiver is then connected to a speaker system elsewhere in the home, up to 100 feet away, and can then be streamed between the two stations.