The iPhone 3G S is here


It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. And we all pretty much knew already. A new iPhone. The 3rd instalment…the iPhone 3GS.

The new iPhone is quicker – it will load messaging 2.1 times faster, a game such as Sim City is 2.4 times faster, viewing spreadsheets in Excel is 3.6 times faster and loading a webpage is 2.9 times faster. It also supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA.

The camera is better than before as well, only 3-megapixel but has autofocus with auto-macro, tap to focus, VGA with 30-frames-per-second, also with auto focus, auto white balance and auto exposure. Videos and photos can be easily sent by MMS, email or uploaded to YouTube and the like.

Another new feature is voice control. Instructions like “play songs by The Killers” and “play more songs like this” will give the impression you’ve gone bonkers to passers-by in the street, but they will also give your fingers a much needed rest.

Other less important features include a compass that will talk directly to Google Maps, VoiceOver – which reads what you touch on the screen and built in support for Nike+.

Battery life has been improved also – The previous model got six hours on Wi-Fi, seven playing video, 24 for audio, 10 on 2G talk and five on 3G talk. This new model gets nine on Wi-Fi, 10 on video, 30 for audio, 12 on 2G talk and five on 3G talk.

Their going to retail in the US at $199 for a 16GB model and $299 for a 32GB model. Black and white models once more. Out in the UK on 19th June. Ten days to wait then Apple fans.

Or, if you can’t wait until then, the current iPhone 3G (or the old one as it shall now be known) is going to be available from today for $99. We’ll let you know the UK prices as we get them.

(via Engadget)

Apple update: Jobs to return and iPhones to launch?


Steve Jobs is set to return from his sick leave on schedule at the end of June – or is he….?

According to the WSJ, senior Apples are trying to coordinate El Jefe’s return with one product launch or another and they’ve not even ruled out a surprise appearance at WWDC on Monday. I feel like I could be adding a world of conspiracy theories here about cloning him over the last six months or bolstering Jobs’s body with Nvidia chips and combo drives, but actually I’m just pleased the chap is well again.

It can’t be easy having the state of your health made so public especially when half the tech world has the knives out for you anyway. The dude deserves a break. Maybe I’ll send him some flowers. Anyway.

In product news/rumour, even the FT is reporting that we’ll be looking at low cost iPhones as early as Monday with anything as low as $99 expected for the bottom end handset. The Carphone Warehouse has apparently got four placeholders on their websites for iPhones and one of them is named “iPhone Video”target=”_blank”. Whether that’s a working title or not is another thing, and there’s still a chance that these placeholders represent colours rather than models.

The one thing I can tell you for sure is that the action is hotting up. I’d stay glued to your screens on Monday afternoon if I were you.

(via Appleinsider & Valley Wag)