Ofcom okays wireless HD for UK TVs


Goodbye expensive HDMI cables, hello even more expensive TVs. Ofcom has agreed to free up some of the UK electromagentic spectrum to allow us to stream high definition content wirelessly in our homes.

What this means for you and I is that we’ll no longer have to have cables between our TVs and BD players/set top boxes. Instead there’ll be really expense transmitters and receivers buried in our already expensive hardware and, although I’m not willing to pay to rid my house of a few short ties, I do like the idea of streaming downloaded HD content straight from my PC. Plus any system that allows me to use the Asus Keyboard would make me a very happy mangeek. Oh, and just in case you’re worried, there’s no compression involved.

What I like best about this story, though, is how Ofcom has done it. They’ve basically just made an announcement and then said they’ll free up the small 57GHz-66GHz part of the spectrum by the end of the week. Seems pretty quick. I wonder if I could get myself a couple of GHz of airwave real estate? Sounds like Ofcom might have some down the back of the sofa.

(via Digital Spy)

Asus Keyboard streams HD video to your TV

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While Asus was busy launching every laptop under the sun, their marketing executive, John Swatton, confirmed to Tech Digest (me) when the infamous Asus Keyboard will be landing and what it’s actually for.

The self-sufficient computer-in-a-keyboard conundrum is supposed to be a controllable media centre primarily for your living room but, in practice, could be as portably useful as you want it to be.

It will stream HD content, stored on its 32 GB SSD, via a wide-band HDMI standard to your TV, a monitor or just about anything else with a panel. At the same time, you can use the built-in 5-inch touchscreen to do your e-mails, your shopping or whatever else you like in front if the box.

It all sounds quite fun and the main reason it’s taken since CES to get the product to market is because Asus hasn’t been too sure what it was all about either and to create another niche – as they did with the Eee PC – you’ve really go to have some idea of the best environment to put your innovation.

Seeing as no-one else is sitting on anything quite like the Keyboard, the Taiwanese tech master has had the luxury of time to perfect their latest product but the company memo seems to be that the end of August is the date we’ll all be getting a look. Can’t wait.

Asus Lamborghini VX5 preview: