Sony's bluetooth wireless earphones would be great if they worked with iPods

DR-BT140QP, Sony, wireless earphones, earphones, headphone.jpg

$150 for a pair of earphones is very expensive. For some, it may be even more than their MP3 player is worth, so it’s certainly a big purchase. The quality of Sony earphones is undoubted, however, and the Sony DR-BT140QP earphones have one big difference from most others.

There’s something quite attractive about wireless earphones. No-one really needs them – a wire going between your ear and your pocket isn’t a particular inconvenience, but to go without it would be a nice luxury. You could turn your head sharply without one falling out, you could reach for something in your pocket without accidentally pulling the lead out, and missing that one bit of the song you really like. Actually, you could even put your MP3 player in your bag, while continuing to listen. The Bluetooth range is 10m, so there are surely exciting possibilites I’ve yet to imagine.