Utterly pointless, totally useless 'Cybertek Wings'… yours for $1,000!

Very rarely am I stumped for an opinion on a product, but this little baby has got me stumped like a pirate with two wooden legs.

Maybe i should just start by describing the thing: They’re wings that are made of metal that you can wear. They are called: Cybertek Wings. And what you do with them… well, that’s where i’m stumped.

As far as i can work out, you simply strap them to your back and press a little switch and – ‘phwoom’ – out pop the robo-wings. Ta-da! Brilliant. There you are, standing in your living room, pleased as punch, with your Cybertek Wings all stretched out in the breeze. Glorious… but now what? They won’t make you fly. They won’t let you glide. They don’t.. do.. anything. Well, except go ‘phwoom’ at the touch of a button, and even then it only goes ‘phwoom’ seven times. After that, you have to take them off and build the air pressure back up before resuming your ‘phwoom’ing.