MSI Wind challenges Asus Eee PC – bigger screen, longer battery life, lower price


We’re all big fans of those little Asus Eee PCs here at Tech Digest, but that doesn’t mean that our allegiance could’nt change as soon as something smaller, cheaper or with a bigger screen comes along. Few companies have stepped up to challenge the Eee PC’s neatly carved niche so far, but that’s now beginning to change

These are the first glimpses of the MSI Wind – it boasts a 10″ display, an Intel Shelton 08 processor that varies from 1.0 – 1.6GHz. 1GB RAM and 2.5″ HDD or SSD. Prices are apparently going to start from 299 Euros and head upwards to 699 Euros, which should see it compare well to Asus’ recently unveiled 399 Euros, 8.9″ model. The Wind might also have an edge in terms of its battery life, which is a reported 7 hours although it seems unlikely that this is set in stone at this early stage.