Twitter goes TV with Samsung


Twitter is hitting our TV screens as the Samsung Internet@TV service embraces the world of microblogging. Now, to begin with my inner monologue went something like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as it has done with all the widget TV nonsense since CES 2009 but actually this is completely brilliant.

You’re going to be watching TV with your mates at all times. Lonely nights in are a thing of the past. You can watch the box with people all over the country. Imagine the mass slaggings during reality TV; the awesome virtual mayhem through football games? Samsung, this is a stroke of genius. Great way to get around expensive premium rate phone calls for audience interactivity too.

The service is available NOW on Samsung LED 6000, 7000 and 8000 series televisions, and 6 and 7 series LCD screens too. Go use and make merry.