UPDATED: Carphone Warehouse discontinues Linux netbook after unpopularity


The Carphone Warehouse, in a display of extreme lameness, has withdrawn the Elonex Webbook from sale, because it reckons that its customers can’t cope with Ubuntu Linux. Perhaps it’s a reflection on the kind of people who buy computers from Carphone Warehouse, but return rates were up to about 20 percent.

Carphone Warehouse has been promoting the netbook on X-Factor, and they’re going to keep selling a version with Windows XP on. They also offer an Eee 701 deal. The netbook, which comes bundled with Ubuntu (presumably Hardy Heron), has sold approximately 60,000 since launch on a ‘contract’ deal where customers pay £19 a month and get 3G internet access.

Carphone Warehouse (via ITProPortal)

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