Internet Explorer 8 will follow web standards by default. Yeah…


It seems as if Microsoft quite likes this concept of adhering to open standards, at least in word, with the news that the next incarnation of Internet Explorer, version 8, will by default display web pages as if they are standards-compliant.

If you’ve never delved into the dark world of web coding, then you’d be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. However, the way that different web browsers interpret the code that underlies a web page varies.

Yes, there are standards, but unfortunately they’ve both evolved and been partially ignored by a number of vendors, including Microsoft, for years now.

iPhone opens up to developers via current web standards: No complicated SDK needed

Andy Merrett writes…

Developers have been waiting for some time to find out exactly if and how they can create applications for the iPhone – and yesterday Steve Jobs told them.

At his opening Keynote speech to the World Wide Developers’ Conference, he made it clear that the iPhone would handle applications, and they’d all run using Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies via the updated version of the Safari web browser.

I’ve already written that developers may now take notice of Safari because of the iPhone, and this effectively seals the deal.