Spinvox teams up with Skype

Spinvox, the voice-to-text service, has been quietly gaining plaudits for a number of years, and they’ve just announced a deal with VoIP service Skype whereby you can get your voicemails as texts.

You’ll be charged 17p per message, plus any SMS charge you’ve got, but depending on how much you’re charged to listen to voicemails and how annoying you find listening to them, you might think it’s worth it.

Skype Voicemail to Text (via ShinyShiny)

Get all your voicemail messages on your BlackBerry with Fusion Voicemail Plus


This is one for the business user who has several phone accounts such as a mobile phone, home phone, VoIP and office line. Fusion Voicemail Plus aggregates all voicemail messages onto your handset, and has just become compatible with BlackBerry phones after working on the Windows Mobile operating system for so long now.

All voicemail messages are displayed in a handy colour-coded interface, which detail the caller, time, and which number they actually called. Sadly it’s only in beta at the moment so may be a little buggy for the BlackBerry handsets, however stick with it and it should improve. If you don’t have a BlackBerry…