ViaMichelin updates sat-nav software to version 7, new features available across whole Navigation range

ViaMichelin has announced an upgrade to its software, bringing it to version 7, and offering more intuitive, user-friendly features, including an improved navigation menu, exclusive Michelin Guide content, key information indicators such as battery level, speed, and estimated travel times.

The New Edition range features revised graphics, easy access buttons to locate the nearest petrol stations and car parks, and an improved Point of Interest (POI) system.

Version 7 also includes additional safety-related functions, including:

* “Dangerous Bend Alert”, which takes into account vehicle speed and tightness of bend to alert the driver to approaching bends,
* “School Alert”, which is activated during school hours,
* “Roadworks Alert”, alerting motorists to damaged or unmade roads,
* “Authorised overtaking area alerts”, showing legal places to overtake,
” “Tiredness Alert” which alerts the driver every two hours (that’d get annoying),
” “Tunnel Mode” which adjusts screen brightness and simulates the route when GPS reception is lost.

ViaMichelin launch X960 and X970T personal navigation devices

via_michelin_personal_sat_nav.jpgViaMichelin has unveiled its new X960 and X970T personal satellite navigation systems. They’re compact devices, with the X960 weighing in at 136g.

As well as offering simple directions, they can also be loaded up with downloadable POI (Point of Interest) packs which can guide the user around interesting sites in the locality.

In addition, the X970T features free real time traffic information and a Bluetooth hands free function allowing incoming phone calls to be answered by touching the screen.