Timewasting website of the day: Tonematrix


Tonematrix is a site that generates sinewaves in a pattern that you determine. If that sounds complex, then go ahead and click here, then draw something on the grid. It’s far easier to understand if you just give it a try. Far easier than understanding the developer, who says:

“The sound generation is basically a polyphone synthesizer with a simple delay with a variing read-offset to make the tones vibrating in the end.”

Despite the fact that the first thing everyone will do is draw a penis, there’s actually quite a sophisticated synth running in the background. It’s possible to make loops that sound pretty awesome. What would be even more awesome is if you could adjust the BPM on the fly. Or use it to play Battleships with a friend. Either would do.

Tonematrix (via @scdsoundsystem)

Korg DS-10 synth for Nintendo DS – spark your own '80s electro pop revival


Classic 80s synthesizer, the Korg MS-10, is currently being recreated inside the diminutive Nintendo DS handheld console. Far from being some cheap hack ported on to a SD card and slapped into a dodgy machine, this is fully functioning, absolutely 100% official synth, drum machine and sequencer. It’s called the Korg DS-10 – can you see what they’ve done there?