LG staying with HD DVD to the VERY END – sticking with Blu-ray and HD DVD combo drives

LG has said it’s going to carry on making HD DVD players, using such words as “convenience” and “consumer” to justify its decision to stick with the recently deceased format.

If we were to be cynical about it, though – and there’s little we enjoy more! – we’d say that’s because poor LG has a factory full of the things somewhere in Korea it’s desperately trying to shift before they become worth bugger all.

But that’s not what LG said. It would…

2007 Tech Trends No. 3: Blu-ray and HD DVD convergance


Third in a series of posts highlighting Tech Digest’s pick of big technology trends for the second half of 2007…

Will the rival Blu-ray and HD DVD camps make peace this side of Christmas (or even emerge from their trenches for a festive football match emulating the British and German troops in World War I? Not likely. Their battle will continue at full pelt until someone loses – mainly all the poor punters who plumped for the wrong format.