Battle of the purple mobiles: Girls Aloud with the Samsung F210 and Sugababes with the Sony Ericsson K770i

You may’ve heard there’s a battle going on over here in the UK. Forget the rugby, the format wars, and the oft-rumoured general election, it’s something far more important. Purple mobile phones. Girl bands. Oh yes, our country has a civil war going on, and it sure is…pretty?

Last Wednesday one of the country’s largest girl bands, Girls Aloud, launched the Samsung F210 Purple, a model exclusive to Phones 4 U. Now this Wednesday, just seven days later, will see their biggest rival girl-band, Sugababes, launch the K770i Purple with Sony Ericsson. Has London been gripped with Purple Power, now that Prince has packed his bags and left the country after 21 sell-out shows?

It sure will be interesting to see which purple phone will conquer the market here in Britain, especially with the constant rumours about rivalry between the two bands. Take a look under the jump, where I pit the K770i against the F210. Who will win this diva-studded war? Only the specs will say…