Coming in at a cool £1,500, Mobiado's Stealth mobile is fairly average

stealth_img8_low%282%29.jpgElectric Pig reported recently on an ultra-expensive mobile handset from Mobiado, and who are we to argue with a £1,500 form of communication? Other than everything I’m going to tell you about, below, of course.

Dubbed ‘Stealth’, it’s created using the same materials as airplanes, just a single piece of aluminium. The specifications aren’t that astonishing as you’d expect with the price-tag, it seems with this model, exclusivity is what has pushed the price up: only 1,200 units will be sold.

Running on Symbian Series 40 technology, it’s got a 2.0-megapixel camera and 8x digital zoom, a QVGA 262,144 colour…