Star Droid night sky mapping mobile app from Google


Google is launching a star gazing app for the Android platform that will allow users to identify constellations in the night sky. Star Droid will use the phone’s camera, GPS and compass to pin point exactly which celestial bodies you’re looking at and aims to educate and reignite the world’s passion with the heavens.

It’s a free download which will be launched in the coming weeks and the only practical question is over how well the phone’s viewfinder will be able to pick up the individual stars against the light pollution of Northern Europe. Of course, if you happen to live somewhere well away from the cities, you’re in luck, otherwise you might be better off sticking with Patrick Moore.

(via Telegraph)

Amazon's reviewers give Kindle e-book reader just two out of five stars

Oh dear. Just three days after it launched, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader has been slated across the internet, and even on its very own sale page on the Amazon store. Seems their reader-submitted reviews have turned around and bitten them on their bums.

Just 2.5/5, for the $399 device which has seen 503 Amazon users leaving their thoughts on the page, with at…

Tennis stars David Rice and Naomi Broady suspended for Bebo use

tennis-players-bebo.jpgBeware, Bebo/Facebook/MySpace users, it seems there’s an international move led by employers, cracking down on their minions by spying on them through their social-networking sites.

Following the story yesterday about the Nintendo employee fired for keeping a blog, it’s been publicised today that two of Britain’s brightest tennis stars, David Rice (the second-best British junior) and Naomi Broady (the national Under-18 champion) have both been suspended. The Lawn Tennis Association…