Marantz offers the SR6003 – a seven-channel AV reciever


This lovely-looking black box is the Marantz SR6003. It’s a home cinema reciever, so you basically plug a load of random stuff in at the back, and it sorts it all out for you. It’s real selling point, however, isn’t the seven AV channels, or the backlit, programmable remote, or the sound-enhancing MDAX system.

Nor is it the shallow design, 1080p upscaling, multi-room features or HD audio capabilities. No – the real star of this device, say Marantz, is the 256-colour GUI. It means that it’s a piece of cake to set up, program and connect all your miscellaneous equipment, and have it quickly and easily sounding great.

No pricing or availability info yet, but as soon as we hear anything, we’ll let you know.


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