The PSP Go! is real. Officially real. But not officially launched


A video has been “mistakenly” posted on Sony’s official website of their Qore TV show which had a feature on the 3.8 inch screened, 43% lighter-than-the-original, PSP Go! If that was a mistake then I’m a cake. The video was “hurriedly” pulled once the Tech-media had been given sufficient time to lap it up and post copies on YouTube, which are systematically being pulled at a leisurely rate.


Sony Ericsson patents theme music technology to match your mood


Here’s some pretty future tech for you. Sony Ericsson has filed a patent for phone technology that’ll recognise your facial expressions and automatically select music for you according to your mood.

Your handset will use the front facing camera to capture your image and, although there may be some initial calibration involved, the system will then pick the next track from your collection that best suits your mood.

If it works, there could be some alarming revelations about your neutral expression. I’d like to think my general demeanour would sound like the poppier end of The Who’s catalogue but I guess I’ll have to wait and see what Sony Ericsson thinks.

What would your theme music be according to your phone? Answers in the comments below

(via USEB)