A letter to George Harrison, Nintendo's recently-resigned Senior Vice President of Marketing

georgeh6.jpg Dear George Harrison,

Not you, glorious Beatles guitarist, back in your box you go. Err, grave. You, Mr. Harrison, you of Nintendo-fame. Yes, you, who just resigned as Ninty’s Senior Vice President of Marketing after 15 long years at the company. I’ve got a few little things I want to talk to you about, so better grab a chair and a nice stiff drink. Yes, one for me too, atta boy.

There’s been lots of rumours the past few months about you resigning from the company possibly due to your hesitance at moving the family from Washington to your new sales and marketing division in Redwood City, California. All very noble, wanting to put the interests of your family before those of Reggie and co. at Nintendo, but really, George, slightly disappointing behaviour I have to say…