Croatian arrested for creating pointless Facebook Group


I bet I can find 1,000 people that get annoyed by pointless invites to Facebook groups. However, I don’t think any of them would advocate chucking the group’s creator in prison. Exactly that has happened in Croatia, however, where a man’s been arrested after creating a group called “I bet I can find 5,000 people that hate the Prime minister”.

The man in question, Niksa Klecak, is the President of a local branch of the youth of SDP – which is the main opposition party in Croatia. They don’t like the governments financial policy, which seems to consist of telling the Croatian population to spend less money. He was arrested, following Godwin’s Law, on the pretext of keeping Nazi symbols and propaganda at home, but when the police couldn’t find any, they tried to link him to child porn instead.

Eventually he was released after a lack of evidence that he’d actually done anything illegal, but social networks and local media outlets all labelled his Facebook group as the reason. There’s now a group on the site called “Break into my place, you Gestapo wannabes. Croatia isn’t a police state!”.

It makes me glad to live in England. Our government wouldn’t randomly arrest members of the opposing political party, just because they’re saying things they don’t like. Oh… wait…

(via Profy)

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