Twitter to be taught to ten-year-olds


The UK government announced today that it wants to teach Twitter in primary schools as part of a campaign to make online communication and social media part of the national curriculum. Kids will also be taught to use Wikipedia, how to blog, and proper typing skills alongside traditional handwriting skills.

The plans, which also remove the Victorians and Second World War from the primary syllabus, were going to be launched next month, but leaked early in the Guardian. Analysts and teacher groups have cautiously welcomed the moves, though they wonder why current trends are being given so much weight.

Personally, I’m glad that Wikipedia, blogging and proper keyboard usage are being taught – all of those are, for the moment, here to stay. I’m a little confused, though, as to why Twitter has been singled out. It’s not that revolutionary and, even speaking as a heavy user, it’s current prominence in the news is surely no more than a passing media fad caused by high-profile celebrities joining up. Students should certainly understand online communication, but I’m not convinced Twitter is the best way to show them.

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Guardian (via Techcrunch UK)

GPS-equipped jesuses thwarting baby thieves


Have you ever set up a Nativity scene on public display? Did your baby jesus get nicked?Apparently it’s a rather common problem, but a company called LightningGPS, who make GPS tracking units, are giving away units to churches, schools and community centres setting up their Nativity displays.

Sadly it’s an America-only offer, but I know we have a few American readers, so you might want to let your local pastor know. You can sign up for the offer here. Now what I want to see next is a Google Maps mashup of all the baby jesuses across America, and their recent travels…

LightningGPS (via PRWeb)