Half of Brits duped by scam message in last year thanks to AI, study reveals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bombarding Brits with an onslaught of scam messages, a new study by antivirus company McAfee reveals. As cybercriminals capitalise on AI to generate increasingly realistic cons, Brits are now wasting over a week every year deciphering scam messages from real, according to McAfee’s Global Scam Message Study. The research reveals that people…

UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw gets hacked


The UK government’s Justice Secretary, The Right Honorable Jack Straw MP, has been hacked by Nigerian fraudsters, who sent out hundreds of emails to his constituents and government figures asking for cash because he’d lost his wallet on charity work in Africa.

Straw says that everything’s okay because it was only his constituency office that was hacked, not his official government address. I’m sure that’ll make his constituents feel better, who’ve apparently been calling the office asking about the email. Only one replied, and his or her Hotmail account has since been suspended by Microsoft.

(via BBC)