Garmin-Asus announces new generation of nüvifone: M20 and G60


Garmin-Asus, the tech company alliance that to me sounds more like an airborne disease, has announced two new additions to its nüvifone range of mobile phones.

If you remember, the company announced its first mobile phone about this time last year, and its newly announced G60 offers very much the same functionality as that handset — namely 3.5G (HSDPA), 3.55-inch touchscreen display, location-based everything (email, SMS, photo sharing, social networking, going-to-the-toileting — nah, not really), built-in accelerometer for exciting screen reorientation, lots of sat-nav stuff (as you’d expect from Garmin) and advanced web browser.

TomTom announces Go Live x40 sat-nav with petrol price-tracking tool


TomTom has announced that its latest satellite navigation system, the Go Live x40, is the first to contain a petrol price-tracking tool.

In the current economic climate (are you fed up with hearing that yet?), an automated tool which helps motorists to find the cheapest petrol is arguably more useful than having access to all the historic landmarks in Dorset (great though that is).

In fact, TomTom has calculated that each driver using the system could save an average of £162 every year (based on the user driving an average of 12,000 miles per year, 7.4 miles/ litre, at a saving of 10p per litre, in case you were wondering)…

Garmin intros rugged nüvi 500 Series portable navigation device


Garmin has introduced its “Rugged Navigation” nüvi 500 Series of Portable Navigation Devices, equally at home directing you whether you’re walking, cycling, scootering, driving, or boating, thanks to NavTeq’s mapping data and the ability to accept different types of mapping including TOPO for outdoor navigation and Blue Chart cartography for marine usage.

The nüvi 500 Series devices are fully waterproof, can be easily fitted to a scooter or bicycle, and are made from UVA/UVB and fuel resistant materials. It features a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen, and removable, rechargeable battery…