Lenovo promises two new netbooks – S9e and S10e


The hail of netbooks continues as Lenovo updates its S10 Ideapad netbook with ‘Splashtop’ capabilities. This is a rather nifty little facility that makes the netbook very nearly ‘instant-on’. This means that basic email, IM and internet tasks can be accomplished within seconds of pressing the power button, though to do more complex stuff you need to boot into Windows.

Similarly, the S9e is an update of the S9, and adds the same ‘Splashtop’ functionality to the existing model. Both updates feature identical specs to their originals, but have the new instant-on Linux OS which dual-boots with Windows. The S10e will cost 299 pounds, but I can’t seem to find anywhere how much the S9e will cost. If you know, then drop us a line in the comments.

Lenovo (via PC Advisor)

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