Resident Evil 5 is this week's best selling UK entertainment product


Did you buy Resident Evil 5 this week? So did lots of people, putting it at the top of the UK gaming charts. But it’s more than just that – Capcom has released a press release stating that video games are now the most popular entertainment medium in the UK. Why’s that? Well I’ll let Capcom’s statistics do the talking:

– Resident Evil 5 outsold EVERY ITEM in the UK Singles Chart (Based on physical and digital sales of UK Top 200)
– Resident Evil 5 outsold U2’s chart-topping new album’s total sales since release in ONE WEEKEND (in the UK)
– Resident Evil 5 grossed more than the top 5 movies in the UK this weekend – COMBINED (Source:

Those are some impressive statistics right there, but I feel pretty safe in saying that it’s a leap too far to suggest that games are now the biggest entertainment product in the UK. I know, I know – a press release exaggerating the facts to create media buzz is practically unheard of, but it’s just not a sensible assumption to make.

Capcom challenges you to find body parts in central London


Fan of Resident Evil 5? Fan of body parts? Fan of central London? Combine your passions tomorrow morning, Thursday March 12th, as Capcom leaves miscellaneous body parts strewn around the area near Trafalgar Square.

Entrants will be required to find as many body parts as possible, and take them to Westminster bridge by 11am, where you have to hold them over your head and shout “Kijuju!”. Points will be allocated for each body part found – 2 for an arm, 2 for a leg, 3 for a torso and 5 for a head.

The players with the most points at 11am win a “trip of a lifetime” to Africa. Tech Digest will be there in force, trying to win it for ourselves, so we’ll see you there!

(via Capcom)