World of Warcraft Pod is everything the WoW addict needs to live


We’ve heard many World of Warcraft addiction stories over the years. Mainly it’s people collapsing due to not eating or sleeping, so if you have a problem, or a partner with a problem, then why not get them this?

The WoW Pod has been developed by artists Cati Vaucelle, Steve Shada, and Marisa Jahn. They describe it as an “immersive architectural solution for the advanced World of Warcraft player that provides and anticipates all of life’s needs”.

Basically, it’s a little hut with a mildly Orc-y design, that contains a kitchen, toilet/chair combo and computer to play World of Warcraft on. It’s a little more sophisticated than that, though – the kitchen interacts with the game, for starters. Just pick a meal from an in-game menu, and when it’s cooked it’ll automatically mark you as AFK while you chow down on some Crunchy Spider Surprise.


(via WoW Insider)

European manned spaceship shown off in Berlin – Patrick Moore still in with a chance before he dies


It’s only a prototype, but the new EADS Astrium design here is based on the existing unmanned Jules Verne pod already flying about up there, so it could easily take scientists and paying billionaires up into the ionosphere with a bit of tweaking.

Very handy if you’ve recently applied to be an astronaut or are just generally excited about space things…