Nintendo continues to dominate console market


Data released from Gfk Charttrack has revealed that Nintendo is still well ahead of its competitors in terms of sales of the current generation consoles. In fact, the DS on its own has sold almost as many units as the Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP put together.

It’s not all bad news for Nintendo’s rivals however. In 2009 the Xbox 360 is the biggest selling console – selling 700,000 units. The DS and Wii have both sold more in the last 12-month period though – 2.7million and 2.3million respectively compared to 1.7million for the Xbox 360.

The total sales are as follows:

Nintendo DS: 9.1million
Nintendo Wii: 5.4million
Microsoft Xbox 360: 3.9million
Sony PlayStation Portable: 3.3million
Sony PlayStation 3: 2.2million

The figures will be of concern for Sony. They’ll be hoping that the upcoming PSP Go and the rumoured PS3 slim consoles will help them get back on track in a market that, only a few years ago, they dominated.

(via Gamezine)

The PSP Go! is real. Officially real. But not officially launched


A video has been “mistakenly” posted on Sony’s official website of their Qore TV show which had a feature on the 3.8 inch screened, 43% lighter-than-the-original, PSP Go! If that was a mistake then I’m a cake. The video was “hurriedly” pulled once the Tech-media had been given sufficient time to lap it up and post copies on YouTube, which are systematically being pulled at a leisurely rate.