PSP Go! to be announced at E3 with PlayStation 3 Slim to follow


The PSP Go!, the little brother of the PSP with a sweet slide-out controller is real, and will be announced this week at E3. Equally real is the PlayStation 3 Slim, although you shouldn’t expect any annoucment on that to come out at E3.

That’s the news wafting around the webwires today. The apparently flash-based UMD-less PSP Go! will be sold alongside its bigger brother and will mark Sony’s first step to an all-digital business model, with PSP-Goers downloading all their games.

While last week pictures of the supposed PS3 Slim were touted around like those of an alien autopsy, Ars Technica’s “very very well informed mole” says that, they too, are real.


Which when we consider his track-record: Patapon 2 sold as download only, Resident Evil V 360 bundle and not to mention the PSP Go! – it would seem they have someone very reliable, very deep within the bowels of Sony.

Suspiciously deep in my opinion. Call me a skeptic. No do. Say it. But I think Ars Technica’s mole might well be a double agent, feeding them what the old men of Sony want us to know, to generate some hype.

But that’s hardly important, it doesn’t do to speculate about the speculator’s speculation. What is important is the cool-as-your-gran, PSP-Go should be announced at E3 this week, and hopefully go on sale worldwide soonafter. What’s that? Your gran isn’t cool? Well mine is.

(Via Ars Technica)