LG doesn't want to miss out on any OLED action, announces 32" panel


Quite a lot of OLED news this week, with Samsung and Panasonic joining Sony to the super-thin panel race, and LG calling out after them “wait for me, guysch!” and announcing a massive 32″ screen.

Not much else is known about this mysterious 32″ OLED TV, except that LG’s factory in Paju, Korea, is ramping up the production of the panels, with the words ‘volume production’ being quoted. It looks likely that this 32″ TV is lined up for a 2011 release date, a couple of years after Samsung’s 2009 job. Hopefully…

Samsung develops technology to use soda-lime bottle glass for LCD panels

samsung-LCD-soda-bottle.jpgSamsung’s gone bankrupt, donncha know? Well why else would they be manufacturing LCD panels using cheap-as-chips soda-lime bottle glass? It can’t produce a crisp, clear image with all those brilliant colours, can it? According to Samsung, it can.

They’ve just shown off a 19″ LCD panel at the FPD International show, and are currently planning to mass produce the…