I love a good camera and that’s exactly what the Nikon D5000 is. I can’t say I was too impressed the first time I picked it up. You don’t feel like you’re getting an aweful lot of bang for your quite considerable £639.93 buck whch was more like £700 plus when it was launched a few weeks back.

This one is a real grower, though, and, if it weren’t for the disappointing kit lens, I’d say get your wallet out now. There is always the body only option though.

If you want to see that video I shot with it, press play on the frame below.

I felt like there were quite a few gimmicks to suck the family in with the D5000 and it made me resist its charms at first. But, one day, I’m going to have to buy a camera that I want to use, that my kids – should I trust them enough – can operate too. This DSLR does offer that.

I would never bother with those scene modes but the tilting screen did come in handy once or twice when sitting at the back of a press conference and I’m gutted at having to go back to the old Nikon less graphic interface.

If you’ve got a lens or two, or don’t mind picking some up, then I’d say you could do a lot worse than this piece of photographic hardware. Just the body, remember, not the kit!

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