Nikon D5000: HD video recording with swivel screen


Nikon’s thrown us all a little curve ball this morning with what is essentially an upgrade and re-shape of the excellent D90 we saw released last year. The carefully named Nikon D5000 is a slightly softer, more consumer friendly approach to high end amateur photography.

It has the same 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and EXPEED processor combination as the D90, the same 200-3200 ISO range (100-6400 with boost) and indeed the same 11-point auto-focus system too.

The difference is that the LCD has slimmed a touch to 2.7″ but in return you can swivel it about in the most interesting of angles to ensure that you can shoot high, low, left, right and just about any which way you can think of with our having to squash your body into all sorts of awkward positions. They’ve even added a subject-tracking mode to the AF to make video capture even easier.


The second difference, and perhaps the more telling one, is the 19 scene modes Nikon has added to one of their top end consumer DSLRs. What it looks like they’re trying to create with the D5000 is a camera that all the family will be able to use – from the compact shooting casual to the very keen enthusiast.


It’ll be out from 1st May for £799.99 with the 18-55mm VR lens kit or £719 for the body on its own.

More to come on D5000 this afternoon.


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